Dr Carmen Hunwardsen

At Companion Therapies, located in Dakabin, QLD, I combine my 15 years of clinical experience with a passion for the mind-body connection.

My background as a clinician in Iowa, USA, and private practice in Australia as the owner-operator of my previous clinic, Carmen's Spinal Care, combines to bring a thoughtful approach to your healthcare journey at Companion Therapies.

I am a registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and trained through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC). My Chiropractic education was through Palmer College, USA which is the worlds’ first chiropractic university. I am also a fully registered allied health professional with AHPRA.

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Dr Carmen Hunwardsen, DC

Diploma of Counselling

Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis

Doctor of Chiropractic
Bachelor of Science

Hazel the Assisted Therapy Dog

Hazel is my Groodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle) who is certified as an Assisted Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs Australia. She works 2-3 days per week and may be present at your session.


Animal Assisted Therapy is the process of interacting with a specially trained and accredited dog to offer support during the counselling process. It helps clients achieve their goals by building a bond with the animal to provide emotional support and trust to facilitate the counselling process.


*If you have a phobia of dogs, please let me know before your appointment.



Certified Assisted Therapy Dog